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IMPORTANT: Each entry must include a description of the marketing strategy behind your creative execution(s).  This text, limited to a maximum of 250 words, is entered directly into the Entry Form.  


1.     Materials submitted must have been published, aired or executed FOR THE FIRST TIME in the U.S./Canada during the 2022 calendar year (January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022) and not previously submitted to the FCS Portfolio Awards competition.

2.     All completed work must be on behalf of a financial services organization (‘Financial Institution’) or a financial industry entity (‘Financial Industry’). Eligible entities. 

          a.     Financial Institutions include: banks, credit card companies, securities firms, exchanges, mutual funds, hedge funds, asset management companies, RIAs, advisory firms, accounting firms, insurance products and services (including life insurance, but excluding healthcare and property & casualty insurance)

          b.     Financial Industry:  The FCS Portfolio Awards accepts entries from companies specializing in serving the financial industry such as professional associations, fintech firms, creative/marketing/digital/media agencies, and media companies. 

3.     Membership or affiliation with FCS is not required to enter; however, corporate members are eligible for discounted entry fees.

4.      Competition is open to all financial services marketing and media professionals. Entries may be submitted by agencies, financial companies or marketing organizations.

5.     The FCS reserves the right to transfer incorrectly submitted entries into the proper category or group. The FCS is not responsible for any submission error including submission outside the category of “financial services.” Incomplete or mislabeled entries may be disqualified. Entry fees for disqualified entries will not be refunded.

6.     Please limit entries to the number specified for each category under “Material Requirements.” Individual components of an Integrated Marketing or Public Relations campaign may also be entered as entries in other appropriate categories.